Acute Accounting

Myra Carter

ColourSpace   Acute Accounting   Myra Carter   Lily Pond

Lily Pond
Acrylic on linen

Lily Pond is a good example of an artwork that could be interpreted in one of two ways. Either she’s created a purely abstract artwork that just so happens to look to us like a pond of lilies simply because Carter chose to give it this name. Or she deliberately tried to create an abstract representation of a pond of lilies that she’s seen.

ColourSpace   Acute Accounting   Myra Carter   Beach Holiday (2)

Beach Holiday
Acrylic on linen

Realizing that there are different ways to approach art is important when attempting to understand abstract art. It is easy to appreciate a Picasso or a Monet, as the mastery of technique is visible.

Melbourne Veterinary School

ColourSpace   Gregory Matthews, Kathy Best   Mother Country, Walk In The Woods   Melb Vet School

Gregory Matthews

ColourSpace   Gregory Matthews   Mother Country   Melb Vet School

Mother Country
Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas Frame

The colours and shapes on Gregory Matthews’ paintings symbolically represent the land on which all Australians live. The Australian Aboriginal people have always respected the land and its waterways; we are intrinsically connected to it.

Kathy Best

ColourSpace   Kathy Best   Walk In The Woods   Melb Vet School

Walk In The Woods
Acrylic on canvas

If this art could speak, it’d say: “Get out of the house, get off the computer, put on your running shoes, pack a picnic lunch and head out of the city for a walk in the woods.”

Nichola Kinloch

Nicola Kinloch   Grey Headed Flying Fox   Drying

Grey Headed Flying Fox - Drying
Digital Inkjet Print

Grey-headed Flying Foxes in Melbourne presents a remarkable story of displacement and relocation. Curious to investigate the animal listed as threatened nationally, my aspiration was to document distinct individual personalities,

PEXA Melbourne

Alexandra Calamel

ColourSpace   Alexandra Calamel   NIghtly Waves Universal Eye   PEXA Melbourne

Nightly Waves
Original acrylic dot painting with glass

This artwork depicts the night sky with the Milky Way reflecting on the water with waves crashing on the shores. The oceans and living by the sea is part of my soul.

Universal Eye
Original acrylic painting, rope, stone, and glass

The Universal Eye mixed medium piece that I did around 2006 as well depicting the Universal creation of humans. The colours unfolds and expands into the colours of the Chakra system and the DNA of each vibration.

Eda Tevrizci

ColourSpace   Eda Tevrizci   Shadows and Sihouettes Deja Vu Out of the Blue The Sea Inside   PEXA Melbourne

Shadows and Silhouettes in Motion
Deja Vu
Out of the Blue
The Sea Inside
From left to right

Ebru is the art of creating colourful unique patterns on a tray of water-based solution (a dense, sticky liquid form which is a mixture of water and carrageenan) by sprinkling and dropping earth pigments with special brushes and then transferring those designs onto the paper after manipulating the paints with tools like awls or manipulating the paper itself. All the artworks are created with the same process and technique.

Wrays Melbourne

Alexandra Calamel

ColourSpace   Wrays Melbourne   Alexandra Calamel   Harmony with the Land Spirits

Harmony with the Land Spirits
Original acrylic dot painting with sand, stone, cork

This mixed medium artwork with sand depicts how the land through the cycles of the seasons gives back to many tribes where they reside on the land. The green pathways of the desert region ready for gathering and sharing within their community.

ColourSpace   Wrays Melbourne   Alexandra Calamel   Harmony with the River Spirit

Harmony with the River Spirits
Original acrylic dot painting with sand, stone, cork & moss

This mix medium art piece with sand depicts the indigenous people living by the rivers and waterways and their gathering within the water’s edge. There are areas by the seashores and rivers where tribes stack up stones within the water edge or river to trap fish for the community.

Monika Feuerstein

ColourSpace    Wrays Melbourne   Monika Feurestein   Openings

Oil On Linen

Monika Feuerstein loves painting with oils because of the intensity of hues and brilliance, creating depth through layers and layers of glazes. In a fast-paced world, Feuerstein loves this type of slow art; it’s archival and will last forever

ColourSpace   Wrays Melbourne   Monika Feuerstein   Stepping Up

Stepping Up
Oil on Linen

Monika primarily is working in oils, her art is figurative realism with a hint of surrealism. Inspired by an old Art teacher and Portrait Artist (Andrew Forsythe), she became interested in the human form.

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