At the start of the year, ColourSpace was one of the fortunate recipients of the City of Melbourne Startup Grant 2018. What did we do with that funding? Well you’re looking at part of it now, with that funding used to give our online presence a complete overhaul.

As any startup that operates on a bootstrapped budget would understand, websites can often serve as placeholders to simply establish a presence, and our previous website certainly had an element of being ‘hacked together’. With funding available, we were able to engage the incredibly talented and diverse creative agency Mo Works to help give us our online presence a huge boost. The team not only helped us build a website, they refined our brand, optimised the ever-important SEO, and given us a stronger than ever presence. The team understand what it means to work with and help startups like ours, and they went above and beyond to build this beautiful website.

CS mw blog

Now, some of you may be wondering: “Wait, what about all the artists? Shouldn’t they be on here too?” You’re 100% right. Another portion of the funding was used to support a much bigger platform that is churning away beneath this website, one that will allow artists to upload and manage their artworks, feature the artists in our network, as well as view all the art that’s on display across the city. So this website refresh - that’s just part 1. We can’t wait to share part 2 with you soon!

We also want to re-state our gratitude to City of Melbourne, without whom we would not have been able to get to this point. Thank you!