January 6, 2019

New Artist: Peta Tranquille

Artist Stories

Meet our new ColourSpace artist Peta Tranquille

Peta has developed her unique style from 30 years in a Cartographic environment. Mapping has now become a digitally dominated field and Peta wants to bring back the nostalgia of hand-made maps in a modern minimalistic style. 

Girlfriend (111 x76), Whose that girl (111 x 76), Road to Nowhere (111 x 111)

Peta’s work makes a statement and she would hope it is purchased for reasons other than to match curtains or cushions. The work is mostly technical with an infusion of colour. Peta is comfortable with Acrylics, pastels, ink and pencils and her choice of medium regularly changes. 

Peta is very active on social media with progress shots and new work being shared daily. You can find her on instagram as @petatranquilleartist

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If you are interested in the pricing of one of these pieces, please contact sarah@cs.gallery

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