As you will see, our rotating exhibitions are not held in galleries but displayed throughout workspaces in Melbourne - for people where they need it most - at work. 

Studies show that people who work in art-enriched environments are: 17% more productive, 48% more creative, express 15% fewer health complaints and have a 15% better quality of life.

The collection of works displayed come from our growing community of emerging artists. This rotation features works by Christine Aspland, Monika Feuerstein, Nicola Kinloch, Lena Sheridan, Peta Tranquille, and Rose Giardina.

PEXA Melbourne

Christine Aspland

Line Dancing 1, Line Dancing 2

Line Dancing 1, Line Dancing 2 - A canteen is a specially designed box for a set of cutlery. This set is out of the box and was destined for the Op Shop. It is beautiful in its age and Apland resisted the urge to polish it as she finds the patina and the ageing enhances its appearance. Although this set is old, it’s still perfectly functional. Unfortunately, because of the material, it’s made of, it can’t go in a dishwasher. It’s functional but not convenient!

Monika Feuerstein

Stepping Up, Openings

Stepping Up  - inspiration: “Note to self – ‘I have to step up. I’m setting myself high standards, coping with pressure, and deadlines. In order to achieve my goals. I can do this, no problem’.”

Openings - Monika Feuerstein loves painting with oils because of the intensity of hues and brilliance, creating depth through layers and layers of glazes. In a fast-paced world, Feuerstein loves this type of slow art; it’s archival and will last forever.

This self-portrait reflects endless repetitions. These are smaller and smaller each time they are reflected, demonstrating that there is no end to possibilities with enough motivation to realise a dream and reach towards a star. All doors open to a hard push.

Cowork Me

Nicola Kinloch

Grey Headed Flying Fox

Grey Headed Flying Fox - Grey-headed Flying Foxes in Melbourne present a remarkable story of displacement and relocation. Curious to investigate the animal listed as threatened nationally, my aspiration was to document distinct individual personalities, I anthropomorphized them in an attempt to encourage people to further investigate these unique animals. These themes are explored through the work by altering the time of day and inverting the perspective in which these animals are typically viewed.

Lena Sheridan

Untitled (Submorphic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Like an arrow in an equation, we shift between states. We make decisions, we struggle. We express ourselves and change. We make mistakes. Unrealised and silent impulses transform to action, and we flow or stutter amongst the current. There is hesitation before a decision; there is sometimes joy, and sometimes pain in acting upon it. These photographs are about the movement from one state to another; the discomfort and awkwardness of inner growth; the homogenisation of a caterpillar’s organs. The figures either wait, hesitate, or frantically morph to find their ideal shape, representing silence versus loudness, static versus motion.

Paris Tremayne

World Bridger

We asked Paris Tremayne: “If this artwork could be any other art form, what would it be?”

His response: “A song. This piece portrays the bridge to other worlds, and their song is how they communicate across the cosmos.”

Margarita Krivitsky

And we rode on

And We Rode On - If this painting could talk it’ll say: “Go forward without any fear.”
I see the ideal home for this painting of Alice in the place full of kids or older people . “Alice in wonderland “ as we all know is a book for both, kids and adults.

Arrow Group

Peta Tranquille


Peta moved to Melbourne about 6 years ago and almost every weekend visited tourist spots. One of those destinations was the Brighton Bathing Boxes on the beach. Peta’s love of colour was very satisfied when she first set eyes on the colourful beachside. This is her interpretation of the colour she soaked up that day. It is a map featuring the following major roads ; Dendy Street, Esplanade and New Street. The map also includes the railway line that passes through the area. The colour has been wrapped around the sides of the canvas and the canvas is ready to hang. The map is oriented North.

Woolloomoolloo When Peta visited family in Sydney she was instantly curious about the tunnels, train bridges and how close the roads were to the buildings in and around the city. This is one area that she felt had lots of elements to play with on the canvas. The different shapes and colours have been linked to the physical area and the play on shadows gives an interesting depth to the piece.

Chaos - Influenced by cartography with snippets of real-world maps highlighting well-known world conflict zones. This piece acts to juxtapose, and reflect upon, the ‘discrete’ geographical and cultural differences between the countries of the world as shown by the sharp lines and colour variation. Furthermore, the white perpendicular lines are representative of the latitude and longitudinal lines giving the viewer some kind of perspective for interpretation.

Rose Giardina

Gifts of Life

Myra Carter

Beach Holiday, Lily Pond

Want to see some more? Also check out the art on display at the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office as part of the new social procurement framework empowering organisations to do good, look good and feel good with art. Or find out more about our social impact.

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