October 17, 2018

Sold! Art for Nous House Sydney

Art on Display

We are excited to have helped our artists sell artwork into a corporate private collection in Sydney: Nous House! 6 pieces entered their collection from 3 artists: Gregory Roberts, Rose Giardina, and Stephen Kane.

Gregory Roberts

All Roberts pieces are an exploration of colour that resonate on an emotional level due their sometimes quirky familiarity, which only really emerges with a bit of distance and a squint of the eyes. This piece as the title suggests is representative of a cityscape.

ColourSpace - Nous House - Gregory Roberts - Cityscape 2 (2)

Cityscape 2, 92 x 151, Sell value: $1,500

Rose Giardina

Serenity, 102 x 102, Sell value: $1,200

Storm, 102 x 102, Sell value: $900

Storm was inspired by a weekend in Philip Island. The skies had threatened to rain all afternoon but – daring a walk – Giardina was struck by the colours breaking through the clouds and making the sand come alive and dance. It was a reminder to her that the Island is always welcoming, even in the midst of a storm

Stephen Kane

Shift 3, 50 x 75, Sell value: $1,050

Shift 5, 50 x 75, Sell value: $1,050

Shift 650 x 75, Sell value: $1,050

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