September 16, 2017

Spring 2017 at Arrow Digital

Colour Rotations

Spring 2017 brings in a vibrant suite of art focused on the fresh colours and themes of Spring to Arrow Digital with Jane Downing, Fluidité 4, and Marta Tesoro.

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Jane Downing

Brought up on the South West coast of Victoria, self-taught abstract artist Jane Downing now calls Melbourne home. Using masterstrokes of colour and energy, Jane channels her emotional landscape onto the canvas, but sometimes her strokes have a life wholly of their own “It is like the colours have their own energy as they conjure themselves onto my canvas,” she explains.

 Finding Jemima Display

 Finding Jemima  – Jane Downing
Acrylic on Canvas – 95x95cm – $980

Tears for the Gods

Tears for the Gods – Jane Downing
Acrylic on Canvas – 96x96cm – $980


Fluidité 4

Fluidité 4’s artworks almost paint themselves. The high water content in the ink and watercolour means pigments flow into one another, mixing in unique ways on the canvas. This flow reflects the meaning of art to Fluidité 4 – a way of finding a state of ‘flow’, a timeless state in which there is place for everything. As an industrial psychologist, Fluidité 4 always encouraged others to find this state, and found it herself in painting. Allowing colours to interact with one another without much interference is her way of surrendering control, allowing things to happen. Whilst abstract, her works emerge from tangible human experiences and emotional states.

Bold Innocence  Display

Bold Innocence – Fluidité 4
Limited Edition Print – 84x59cm – $490 

Beautiful Mayhem

Beautiful Mayhem – Fluidité 4
Limited Edition Print – 84x59cm – $360


Marta Tesoro

Marta Tesoro was always surrounded by art growing up, as both her parents and grandparents drew and studied art. This instilled a desire into her to become a creative when she was older, and thus she completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Monash and a Master of Animation and Interactive Media. Marta entered the animation industry, and then turned to freelancing. Most recently she turned to professional illustrations, exhibiting her works every now and then.

Red Winged Fairy Wrens and Rosella Coiffure

Red Winged Fairy Wrens (left) – Marta Tesoro
Colour pencils and alcoholic based markers on paper – 42x30cm – $380


Rosella Coiffure (right) – Marta Tesoro
Colour pencils and alcoholic based markers on paper – 42x30cm – $380

Rosella Coiffure and Diamond Finches Display

Diamond Finches (right) – Marta Tesoro
Colour pencils and alcoholic based markers on paper – 42x30cm – $380


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