September 13, 2017

Spring 2017 at Cube Group

Colour Rotations

Spring 2017 has ushered in a fresh set of office art at Cube Group, featuring Abigail Reisner, Daisy Mak, Chalie MacRae, and SAAN.To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email with the name of the artwork.

Abigail Reisner

Abigail Reisner has always found consolation and inspiration in the creative process. Her experience completing Bachelor of Fine arts at RMIT,  immersed in a world with other artists who shared common aspirations and dreams, significantly defined her emerging identity as an artist. These days Abigail rides the waves in which her creativity comes, whether that’s working non-stop in her studio for hours on end, or not even being able to think about art.

Sublime and Cloud Vapour Display

Sublime (left), Cloud Vapour (right) – Abigail Reisner
Gouache, gold leaf and fineliner on watercolour paper – 56x77cm – $600 each


Daisy Mak

Daisy Mak is inspired by art’s power to push boundaries. Her works do this by telling stories through illustrations, or exploring concepts through interactions and documentations. After completing her Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT, she found a love for public art which focuses on human behaviour. Her creative fuel is sourced from everyday observations and interactions, and she loves creating works that appear simple, whimsical, and dreamy but contain a deeper inexplicable eeriness.

Pondering Life’s Subtleties Display

Pondering Life’s Subtleties

Pondering Life’s Subtleties – Daisy Mak
Watercolour – 93x68cm – $575



SAAN has years of experience in visual arts and printmaking, and has always been fascinated by line, colour, and texture. The organic nature of her works comes from her childhood where she grew up in a medical household, where table conversations about the micro and macro in life influenced her perceptions of the environment.

Dancing Lights Display 2

Dancing Lights  SAAN
Oil on Cotton Duck – 92x125cm – $1,200


Chalie MacRae

Chalie MacRae developed a long-term love for art travelling abroad as a young adult. She began painting as a way to decorate her own shop, but found it hard to stop. So she took the plunge, transforming her passion into a full-time business. Chalie paints because it energises, calms, and frees. She loves the excitement that comes as ideas form, and colour palettes develop, as well as the actual movement involved in painting. She likes to work with a diverse range of materials, reflecting her curiosity and love for adventure, and feels overjoyed when a client connects with her work.

Traces Verdigris IV Traces Verdigris IX Display

Traces Verdigris IV (left), Traces Verdigris IX (right) – Chalie MacRae 
Ink on Yupo Artist Paper – 76x76cm – $700


For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email

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