September 14, 2017

Spring 2017 at Inspire9

Colour Rotations

Spring is here, and with it a new rotation is blooming at our exhibitors at Inspire9 with a fresh set of office art featuring Paris TremayneKathy LeungFiona Barbetti, Ella BaudinetBrenda Mangalore, Joe Blundell, and Britt Merrylees.To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email with the name of the artwork.

Ella Baudinet Kathy Leung Display

Paris Tremayne

Paris Tremayne does not like to define his work, allowing viewers to explore his artwork without pre-defined constraints. This approach is also his creative process: even when he has a vague notion of a beginning, it never goes to plan. Self-taught, Paris uses both digital and paint, and his works have been exhibited across Australian galleries.

Holographic Dolly Kisses Display


Holographic Dolly Kisses – Paris Tremayne
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas – 107x107cm – $2,200
Location: L3 @ Inspire9, Sunnyside Room

Love Songs of a Rainbow River Display

Love Songs of a Rainbow River – Paris Tremayne
Digital painting. Signed limited edition Giclee print on fine art paper – 59x84cm – $580 unframed or $780 framed

Location: L3 @ Inspire9, Outside Sunnyside Room


Kathy Leung

Kathy Leung spent so much time with art as a kid that she smelled of rubber and walked around with hands covered in pencil marks. Her childhood passion remained as she matured and she went on to complete a Bachelor of Visual Art. Since then she has showcased her works across the country in group exhibits, curated important exhibitions for government departments, and moved to Melbourne to work for an artist-run gallery. Her wish for 2018 is to do a solo show.

Kathy Leung Miho When The World Says So Trust Walk Display


Miho (left)
Acrylic and oil on maple wood
61x45cm – $840


When the World Says So (centre)
Acrylic and ink on paper
85x66cm – $890


Trust Walk (right)
Acrylic and oil on maple wood
45x61cm – $1,250


Location: L3 @ Inspire9, Gallery Space


Brenda Mangalore

For Brenda Mangalore, creating art is about connecting to ourselves and each other. More than a pretty picture, art for her is something that can inspire an individual to express themselves authentically and honour the unfolding story of their self.  Guided by her intuitive sense of style, Brenda is known for multi-layered colourful abstract paintings, and intricate typographic drawings of inspired words of life, love and faith. Her artwork is infused with intricate detail and continues to speak to you as you live with it.

Journey Into Your Inner Cosmos Step By Step Youll Find Your Wings Display


Journey Into Your Inner Cosmos (left)
Acrylic on linen
66x87cm – $689


Step By Step You’ll Find Your Wings (right)
Acrylic on linen
61x91cm – $769


Location: L1 @ Inspire9


Fiona Barbetti

Fiona Barbetti’s multidisciplinary practice of art encompasses photography, painting and installation,  and strives to explore themes of light and dark in the everyday experience. Fiona completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University in 2008. Since then she has played with art shapes and forms that communicate a personal, visual experience in exhibits both in Melbourne and globally.

Fiona Barbetti Green Lovebirds Display

Green (left)
Inkjet Print
63x94cm – $300 (unframed) or $350 (framed)


Lovebirds (right)
Inkjet Print
63x94cm – $300 (unframed) or $350 (framed)


Location: L3 @ Inspire9, Family Room


Ella Baudinet

Ella Baudinet is a Melbourne artist who primarily works with oil paints. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT she has worked and exhibited as an independent artist, and been involved in numerous group exhibitions, live painting events, and a solo exhibition “The Other Art Fair”. Her work focuses on unique individual perceptions with abstract expressionist aesthetics. By combining elements from expressionism, abstraction and pseudo-surrealism, she explores the parallels between the conscious and subconscious mind. Just as dreaming transports people from one state of mind, her paintings provide a parallel platform that invite viewers to envision representational characteristics in the work.
Nondescript Everland Shapeshift Silent Smoke Intertwine Display


Location: L3 @ Inspire9, Gallery Space


Nondescript (left)
Oil on Canvas- 77x122cm – $1,199


Everland (second from left)
Oil on Canvas – 122x77cm – $1,299


Shapeshift (centre top)
Oil On Canvas – 77x77cm – $999 


Silent Smoke (centre bottom)
Oil On Canvas – 46x61cm – $699


Intertwine (right)
Oil on Canvs – 92x92cm – $1,299


Joe Blundell

London-born Joe Blundell was inspired to paint early on by his artist Uncle. The son of an architect, a love for buildings was built into his DNA and so he would sit on the pavement and paint houses. Encouraged towards a ‘proper job’ Joe stopped painting and began a corporate marketing career, but four years ago he began to paint again and realised he had been doing the wrong thing for 30 years. After returning to Melbourne, he rented a studio and started painting again, catching up on 30 years of lost time. One year later he won the Artist of the Year Award in London by the Artists & Illustrators Magazine, and since then has been shortlisted for numerous prestigious awards. A mix of the old and new awkwardly, dramatically, and beautifully entangled together is a defining feature of most urban landscapes, and Joe’s works seek to capture the beauty of Melbourne and its passage of time.

Untitled Corrs Lane Display


Untitled Corrs Lane – Joe Blundell
Oil On Linen – 122x122cm – $5,990


Britt Merrylees

Britt Merrylees is an encaustic artist based in Sydney who is especially passionate about working with wax. Her art journey started young yet it was only after she had worked in a number of other fields that she realised her true calling to be an artist. The process of making encaustic artworks involves heating wax to a high temperature and then using the melted liquid-like wax to paint. Sometimes the wax is further mixed with heat guns, or scraped back, or polished.

The Fluid series is all about just letting art be, a metaphor for living life true to oneself. When Britt was making this series, she let go of all preconceptions, listening to only her intuition and letting her current state guide the choice of colour palette. Once the wax and colours have been poured, they take on unique forms every time.

Fluid 8 Purple Rain Fluid 9 Display


Fluid 8 (left)
Encaustic Painting
60x90cm – $1,099


Purple Rain (centre)
Encaustic Painting
60x60cm – $990

Fluid 9 Purple Rain Fluid 8 Display

Fluid 9 (right)
Encaustic Painting
60x90cm – $1,099


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