November 4, 2018

Spring 2018 at Evolution Health

Colour Rotations

Who else thinks art and health share an under-explored connection? Evolution Health’s Spring exhibition is a step towards integrating the two. Their new collection features the works of Karen Hopkins, Kathy Best, Louella Kennedy, Meghan Oare & Olivia Ashworth- Martin.

To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email with the name of the artwork.

Meghan Oare

Meghan Oare encourages viewers to see in her artworks their own experiences and perspectives. To give you a nudge, Oare likes to give her artworks names intended for people. As an example, if you know a Clarence and have had a wonderful experience with them, you may see in this artwork their positive qualities. The reverse is also true, where a negative experience may lead you to dislike this artwork. Both are equally acceptable!

Basel (61 x 61), $1,689

Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Through an artistic practice that encompasses sculpture, painting and drawing Ashworth-Martin seeks to transcend the everyday / mundane natural objects that we find scattering the land, and to re-awaken a fascination with our landscape. When we become aware and mindful of our environment we see that “what has always seemed so natural reveals how wondrously supernatural it is” (Frederick Franck, The Zen of Seeing). Ashworth-Martin’s work explores and celebrates the unfathomable complexity and depth of the natural world, while simultaneously speaking to our place within it.


Summit, 105 x 105, $2,590

Kathy Best

An artist with a decade’s experience, Kathy Best is an Australian artist who creates acrylic and mixed media semi abstracts, cubism and contemporary pieces based on observation of the world around her.

Applying texture to a blank canvas really helps Best find her direction when she starts painting, with the form emerging throughout the process.

Looking Out
Mixed Media on Canvas  – 77x77cm,  $370



Mixed Media on Canvas – 105 x 153, $570

Louella Kennedy

Louella Kennedy has an obsession with the sickly sweet, sugar-fuelled consumeristic crazy society that arguably began with 1950s advertising campaigns. Think pink flamingos, swizzle sticks and hula hoops! Her pieces are aesthetically bright, quirky and naïve but possess a deeper edginess, a bitter after taste.

Some may consider kitsch to be in poor taste – excessive, garish or overly sentimental – but it’s at the core of her art. I like to exploit a commercial aspect to create art as consumerism, art as kitsch itself – it’s as much about lifestyle as art and it appeals to our senses.


Louella Kennedy
Canvas Print – 76x76cm – $350

Karen Hopkins

Karen Hopkins is an expressionist and abstract painter who has been training for over 20 years. Her paintings reflect themes inspired by nature, emotions, and human interaction. By varying colour, texture, form and rhythm she aims to take the viewer on a journey and explore the deeper levels that connect us all.

Blue Moon, 96 x 66cm, $1,790 

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