October 8, 2018

Spring 2018 at The Cluster

Colour Rotations

Does art enhance workspaces? The proof is in the pudding at The Cluster Melbourne’s latest exhibition. Welcome to their Spring rotation.

We are excited to see how everyone interacts with their new gallery of local art. Featuring artists Andra Tucker, Andrea Hughes, Jenny Reddin, Meghan Oare, Paola Ditel and Valentina Maxwell Tansley.

To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email art@cs.gallery with the name of the artwork.

Andra Tucker

Conveying the idea of waves without being too obvious and clichéd was a challenge, as was getting the contrasts of colours. Once Tucker got that ‘right’, the shapes and the finishing details of the coloured accents happened in a flurry. That’s what Tucker loves about creating abstract work – that it can be so spontaneous and fun, whilst also serious and challenging.

Making a Splash (left) & Waves (right)
 Acrylic paint and impasto medium on canvas

62h x 62w cm

$400 each

Andrea Hughes

Hughes loves to experiment with different mediums and this work is about the materials and mediums that can be used to create texture and depth. Colours that bounce off each other yet go together, give this painting a floating effect. 

This work may appear simple at first glance, however as you begin to engage with it, it works not only as “painting” but as an “expanded painting“. It engages with the space through shadow and light.

1. White Echo – 100h x 100w cm – $700
Synthetic Polymer Emulsion, Spray paint on canvas Custom framed in wood

2. The Golden Touch – 60h x 60w cm – $520
Synthetic Polymer Emulsion on Perspex Hardwood Handmade Frame

3. All Shapes and Sizes – 54h x 42w cm – $400
Synthetic Polymer Emulsion on Perspex Hardwood Handmade Hand painted Frame

4.  Glimmers of Gold – 50h x 100w – $700
Synthetic Polymer Emulsion on Aluminium Floating in Custom Wooden Frame

5. We Three 2 – 43h x 53w cm – $400
Synthetic Polymer Emulsion, Spray paint on canvas Custom framed in wood

Jenny Reddin

This artwork is from a series called “’I see.’ said the blind man”. The series built on a previous group of works called “Consequences” that sought to make reference to the human tendency to fail to consider the outcome of actions on the world around us. The ‘blind man’ series used the circle as an emblem of focus and references the eye as well as the earth as seen from space.

Mixed Media on Canvas

100h x 100w


Oil on Canvas

122h x 122w


Meghan Oare

Meghan Oare encourages viewers to see in her artworks their own experiences and perspectives. To give you a nudge, Oare likes to give her artworks names intended for people. As an example, if you know a Clarence and have had a wonderful experience with them, you may see in this artwork their positive qualities. The reverse is also true, where a negative experience may lead you to dislike this artwork. Both are equally acceptable!

Mixed media on silk

61h x 61w


Mixed media on silk

76h x 76w


Mixed media on silk

76h x 76w


Paola Ditel

Erubescent is Ditel’s attempt to loosen up her artwork by use of pours, areas of large blocked colours and strokes. It was painted in transition of Winter to Spring, when colour changed from darker browns to brighter hues, with a transition to new growth and awakening; a seasonal change.

Acrylic and ink on canvas

56h x 110w cm


Valentina Maxwell Tansley

When Tansley studied art, she had a great teacher who introduced her to many new printmaking methods and one of these, gelatine printing, was used in this work. The pink paper was printed using a gelatine plate and plastic mesh. Tansley has since experimented with many printmaking methods, and her current work is firmly based in that evolution.

Detritus Devour (top left) – 60h x 90w cm
Detritus Dependence (top right) – 60h x 90w cm
Derelict Disruption (bottom left) – 79h x 59w cm
Drastic Plastic (bottom middle) – 79h x 60w cm
Rejectamenta Relic (bottom right) – 75h x 60w cm

Hand Printed Collage on Board

$395 each 

For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email art@cs.gallery.

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