October 31, 2018

Spring 2018 at York Butter Factory

Colour Rotations

This Spring, York Butter Factory welcomes the photography of Nic Burridge.

For Burridge, the beautiful thing about film photography is you never truly know how a photograph is going to look until a week later when the film’s been developed. Though he tries not to have preconceptions about the result, sometimes he knows the outcome will be perfect.

To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email art@cs.gallery with the name of the artwork.

Nic Burridge

Balance is about looking for the details in the world that capture a feeling, to encapsulate an idea through the reproduction of a moment or scene, something Burridge has worked on this entire artistic career. Though this is quite literally a photograph of a forest being engulfed by fog, emotionally this artwork most resembles a dance. It is a pirouette of two opposing forces, one is the grounding touch of the forest and the other a whirling atmospheric fog.

ColourSpace - Nic Burridge - Untitled
ColourSpace - Nic Burridge - Balance
ColourSpace - Nic Burridge - Mist

Untitled (top left) – 84×59 – $350 (unframed) | $450 (framed)

Archival inkjet print and gold leaf

Balance (top right) – 84×59 – $350 (unframed) | $450 (framed)

Archival inkjet print

Mist (bottom) – 59×84 – $350 (unframed) | $450 (framed)

Archival inkjet print

For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email art@cs.gallery.

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