Our new artist portal is live!

This has been a long time coming but we’re proud to announce that our new artist portal is finally live!

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So what is this ‘portal’ and why is it important?

At present, ColourSpace has over 200 artists in our network, with over 1,000 artworks shared with our portfolio, from which we curate artwork for display or sale. Until now, we had been managing that collection somewhat manually. Artists needed to email images of artworks to us, and there was an incredible amount of administrative back and forth to collect all the information we needed to best represent artworks. When we curated artworks for clients, the manual process became increasingly arduous when the number of artworks started to rapidly increase.

Furthermore, we didn’t have a manageable way to showcase all of our artists’ works and profiles online, something that artists had been asking us for.

This platform allows us to address both problems much more efficiently and easily. It gives artists the tools to manage artworks to share with our portfolio at your leisure, as well as manage what information is publicly available to represent you and your artworks. It gives us the ability to better represent everyone’s artwork as we grow in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond.

Before you get started…

We want to quickly talk about what this platform is and what it’s not, as we know there’s several highly established online marketplaces for selling art already available and many artists have accounts with them. As such, there’s a few important nuances to what we’ve built:

  • Curated portfolioFirstly, in our quest to represent a diverse range of artists, we have chosen to create a curated platform; a decision made in consultation with numerous artists. In practice, this means that not every artwork uploaded will be published on the platform, and there will be a delay as our curatorial team reviews all submitted artworks
  • Feedback on artworks not chosen for our portfolio: We understand how important feedback is for artists, and so where possible, we’ll try to provide feedback on why an artwork has not been chosen. However this won’t always be possible as more and more artworks are selected.
  • Tracking your artworks: At any one time, ColourSpace is managing dozens of artwork on display over multiple sites. Our platform will make it easier for artists to log in and track where your artworks are on display

Ready to go?

If you’ve previously shared artworks with us, you may already have an account on our platform. To do a quick check, you can search for yourself here. If you see your profile, it means you’ve got an account! You can visit this link to sign in. Log in with your email, and then simply request a password reset if it’s the first time your’e signing in.

If you want to create a brand new account, you can register for an account here.

Finally, the platform is still in its infancy. We are planning to roll out additional features over time to make it even easier to track artworks and accrued royalties, an eCommerce platform to directly sell your art through the platform, as well as access photos of your art on display easily. We will continue to build this platform in collaboration with our artists! If there’s a feature you want to see, please contact us on [email protected]