CoWork Me is a progressive coworking space based in St Kilda providing a professional workplace for businesses and a space to expand networks, skillshare and collaborate. We resonate with their mission to foster innovation within startups and established businesses and have enjoyed helping them draw on art as a vehicle for enhancing creativity among workers. 

So what does that really mean? In a place like Cowork Me, we were given the creative freedom to curate a wide range of artists with diverse styles to provoke different perceptions and ideas among the audience who view each piece throughout the day.

Belinda Marshall

ColourSpace   Belinda Marshall   Neon Pastel   Cowork Me

Neon Pastel
Acrylic on linen

ColourSpace   Belinda Marshall   Known   Cowork Me

Acrylic on linen

The ‘Known’ works are the first pieces Marshall created in the wide format, and she found it challenging but enjoyable to work with different proportions.

Janice McCarthy

ColourSpace   Janice McCarthy   A Piece of Work   Cowork Me

A Piece of Work
Mixed Media on Canvas

Janice McCarthy is an artist who dabbles across multiple mediums, from paintings, sculptures, and prints. Stepping into her studio, it would be hard to pinpoint one style as her own. Perhaps that’s why she called this artwork ‘A Piece of Work’.

Christine Goerner

ColourSpace   Christine Goerner   Black Vendela 01   Cowork Me

Black Vendela 01
Fine art pigment print on 100% cotton rag paper

“To photographically capture this unique point of view of a black rose, I used a macro lens. The lens enables me to look at this subject in detail and compose the image to include the parts that are most beautiful to me, such as the texture of the petals.”

Juzpop Creations

Minky Official, Acrylic, gouache and ink on canvas
Dream On 1, Acyrlic on canvas $2,000
Rebelle Fleur, Acrylic, aerosol and ink on canvas 1250
Bubble Bath, Acyrlic on canvas $2,000
Schoolboy Q, Acrylic, gouache and ink on canvas 450

ColourSpace   Juzpop Creations   Cowork Me

Minky Official: If this artwork could talk, it would say: “You better not put this on Instagram!”
Dream On 1:
 This artwork is as much as a story as it is an artwork; the intention is to interrupt your daily routine and invite you into a temporary escape land.
Rebelle Fleur: It is a tribute to the star that fuses elegance with edginess: Rihanna.
Bubble Bath: Juzpop’s art is notorious for my paintings of empowered femininity.
Schoolboy Q: The paints Juzpop used for this piece she found on her trip to Japan in a little arts shop in Tokyo.

Kathy Best

ColourSpace   Kathy Best   Walk by the River, Walk in the Woods   Cowork Me

Walking by the River
Acrylic on canvas

Nature and the bush are close to Kathy Best’s heart. Walking along a riverbank, swimming in a freshwater river, camping beside a river and listening to the sounds of water and birds are all relaxing and enjoyable activities to her.

Walking in the Woods
Acrylic on canvas

If this artwork could talk, it’d say: “Get out of the house, get off the computer, put on your running shoes, pack a picnic lunch and head out of the city for a walk in the woods.”

Leigh Webster

ColourSpace   Leigh Webster   Reflections   Cowork Me

Oil and enamel on canvas

Leigh Webster’s work investigates beauty through depicting natural environments bereft of human involvement. It explores ways in which viewing a landscape can improve concentration and positively influence a state of well-being.

Mirabela Varga

ColourSpace   Mirabela Varga   A Playful Heart   Cowork Me

A Playful Heart
Acrylic on canvas

An explosive celebration of joy infused with colour, texture and visceral fun. Life is a joy and every day is a gift.

ColourSpace   Mirabela Varga   Waterlilies   Cowork Me

Acrylic on canvas

“Your only work is to love yourself and embody this truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those who surround you.”

Monika Feuerstein

ColourSpace   Monika Feuerstein   Openings   Cowork Me

Oil on linen

Monika Feuerstein loves painting with oils because of the intensity of hues and brilliance, creating depth through layers and layers of glazes. In a fast-paced world, Feuerstein loves this type of slow art; it’s archival and will last forever.

Myra Carter

ColourSpace   Myra Carter   Celtic Circles of Love   Cowork Me

Celtic Circles of Love
Acrylic on canvas

Celtic Artist George Bain described the circle as “man’s first step in art”. The Celts were not the only culture to use circles and spirals but they were, however, one of the first to take primitive symbols and transform them into purely decorative art instead of replicating things in the real world.

Shirley Ploog

Memento Mori, Mixed Media on Paper $1,700
Fluidity, Mixed Media on Paper $1,700
Transparent Fragility, Mixed Media on Paper $1,700
Silken Folds, Mixed Media on Paper $1,700

ColourSpace   Shirley Ploog   Cowork Me

Shirley Ploog is a Melbourne-based artist passionate about the environment. Her works are a response to the beauty of nature as well as the impact mankind is having on our environment.

Tamara Watt

Jitterbugs, Photographic print on metallic paper $1100
Night Garden Photographic print on metallic paper $1100
Golden Sometime Photographic print on metallic paper $1100

ColourSpace   Tamara Watt   Cowork Me (2)

Tamara Watts started out as a black and white photographer; a major enthusiast who adored the rich tones that you get with monotones.

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