January 10, 2019

What art means to the art curator at ColourSpace

For the love of art

Lady of the hour Sarah Cummins shares her discovery of art at a young age and the meditative hold it has on her.

When I was in year 8, I drew a picture of Kylie Minogue from a magazine and it looked like her. Because of it I decided I had found what I was good at and I started to draw other things.

Eventually I developed a decent portfolio of drawings of horses and Leonardo Di Caprio. As I got older and started to immerse myself in studying art I realised it was changing how I experienced the world.

Art is all about “seeing,” and developing a ‘good eye.’ It made me look at the world and notice colours, light and the interplay of shapes. This practice of ‘looking’ connected me to whatever I was doing or seeing at the time, and I now recognise this as a type of meditation or mindfulness.

Now, as a parent and teacher, I see how playful art can be when so little of our time is spent on things that are playful. I can see how drawing something does help you to explain a concept, or make an idea come to life; we do grasp things in a whole way when we can think about and see them. Art is exciting and unexpected.

You can’t be a lover of art without supporting new artists. When you develop and hone in your skills, find passion, experiment and try something new, it is so powerful. I don’t believe in the artistic genius, most people could make most art. But it is only actually made by people that make it, and ColourSpace supports makers of art.

I don’t have an answer to ‘why art.’ In a nutshell, it’s the most exciting thing to focus on, and I wouldn’t choose anything else in its place. I don’t know anything else that would be as provocative, engaging, exciting or unexpected, that could be harnessed and brought to different audiences in the way that art can be.

Who is your favourite artist?

Henri Matisse,

Still Life with Dance, 1909

89.5 x 117.5 cm


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