October 1, 2017

Welcome to our new exhibitor – Teamsquare

Colour Rotations

Welcome to our newest exhibitors: Teamsquare! Once a wool storage facility, the Goldsbrough Mort building is now home to many of Melbourne’s leading creative businesses, under the banner of Teamsquare. Founded by a team who were tech-preneurs themselves, Teamsquare is designed to support Melbourne’s tech scene.

Their vision is: “Change the way you work,” something that resonates strongly with our vision of: “Change the way you engage with art.” We’re excited by the opportunity to bring artwork from local artists into their environment, to bring artistic elements to their tech space!To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email art@cs.gallery with the name of the artwork.

Lena Wagner

Originally from Germany, Lena Wagner is a professional photographer in the field of fashion who’s been based in Melbourne for many years.

For Lena, photography isn’t just a profession, but also a creative outlet. Her artworks represent an escape from the fashion landscape into something more fantastical.

Her creative outlet – doubled with a sense of adventure – has led Wagner to these incredible, otherworldly locations. Taken at various locations in the US, she steered away from more traditional landscape photography to create quite abstract pieces.

Wagner 1

Wonderland, Observation, The Palette, and Wonderland 2  Display 2

Wonderland, Observation, The Palette, and Wonderland 2  Display 3

Wagner 1

Wagner 2

Wagner 3

Wagner 4

Wonderland, Observation, The Palette, and Wonderland 2 – Lena Wagner
Limited Edition Print – 59 x 42cm – $450 each unframed, $525 framed

Mariya Rovenko

Born in the USSR, Mariya Rovenko’s professional career as an artist started almost immediately, scribbling on wallpaper as a 2 year old to mixed reviews from her critics (parents).

Over the years, Rovenko broadened her creative horizon to photography, fashion, fabric work, and painting, before becoming a qualified theatre costumer designer. Unfortunately, this range of skills was unsustainable in the chaotic post-USSR landscape. 10 years ago, she moved to Australia and found her skills enabled her to be a talented graphic designer.

But, as Rovenko likes to say: “Once an artist – always an artist.” Her need to express herself creatively finds an outlet in her pen on paper.

Rovenko Display 1

Rovenko Display 2



Zeiss Ikon

Mamiya RZ67, Polaroid, Zeiss Ikon Nettar – Mariya Rovenko
Limited Edition Print – 42x59cm – $370 each


For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email art@cs.gallery.

If you want to bring fresh art into your office every season and transform your office into a gallery, contact us today on info@cs.gallery for a free, no obligation on-site consultation. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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