December 18, 2018

What art means to the Account Executive at ColourSpace

For the love of art

During a recent ColourSpace meeting, the team sat down to talk about art… surprise! A long discussion made us realise how personal our own passions to promote the artistic practice is.

So, we allowed each other the time to reflect and then respond to the pending question…. What does art mean to you? And why is it important to support artist practice?

Each week we want to share our responses with you and encourage anyone compelled to share their own story, to drop us an email and we’ll post it too.

This week we’re getting to know ColourSpace’s Account Executive: Clara Joyce! Clara is a practising artist who is studying fine arts at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). She is enthusiastically involved in the local arts scene, has a passion for promoting emerging artists, and is a valued, irreplaceable member of the ColourSpace team.

Clara, what does art mean to you?

Imagine a world without art and culture – without literature, dance, theatre, painting and photography – it’s a banal reality that is intolerable. When I refer to art I’m not talking about the 1% that sells for millions of dollars to billionaires. I believe in the kind of art that is engaged with society at large, this is the art that matters. 

It’s impossible to quantify how art effects those who view it or how it benefits those who create it. But this is its beauty and importance. Art allows for something that cannot be defined – it is a subtle power that changes the world one perception at a time. And this is more important than ever in today’s complex world of big data and technology where everything is increasingly defined. 

Art doesn’t change the world on a macro level; it changes the world on a micro level.  Art fosters engagement, dialogue, reconciliation, solidarity and connectivity on an individual personal level, which is hugely powerful. It testifies to the power of the human imagination and the ability to dream.

It is for these reasons that I believe in supporting artists’ creative practice. Art is an indefinable necessity that needs our support. That needs innovative minds to create new financial opportunities and connections in the world. And this is what ColourSpace does: we create innovative opportunities to support emerging and disadvantaged artists, and connect their creative expression to corporate audiences. 

Favourite artist

Figures in a Landscape by Cecily Brown

 Made in 2001.

Oil on canvas. 228.6 × 254 cm. 


Who is ColourSpace?

We’re a Melbourne based startup turning workspace into galleries. We help businesses create rich and engaging work environments through beautiful local art, whilst supporting the local artist community.

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