November 2021 at Law Squared (at Law Squared)

Option1 These abstract expressionistic paintings represent emotions the artists experience and are given a physical form within the canvas. These five paintings convey a sense of freedom and in turn result in an expression of joy. Joy Chiang investigates her own feelings and experimental process of applying the paint on the canvas as does Sharmain Lowe delving into her childhood memories connecting with the feeling of excitement and joy lollies bring to a child. Jacinta Paynes oceanic scenes display peaceful, radiating strength from within as well as reminds the viewer of the many inhabitants that lurk beneath the surface. Option 2 These abstract expressionistic pieces by Bree Morrison and Gayle Shifrin examine the artists' surrounding landscapes and allowed them to transform the identity of these landscapes to the feelings the artists were experiencing at the time and to produce a new physical form. Option 3 These five pieces are abstract representations of the natural world each displaying the elements such as earth, wind and water. In addition, to these widely abstract works is the grounding of Sharmain Lowe's painting Liqourice Allsorts number 3 as she internalising her emotion producing a painting inspired by primal human feeling. Option 4 Nel Ten wolde painted in different pieces of city, Melbourne, and coastline. The colours are harmonise her works. She is inspired by her surrounding and transforms their physical identity and adding a multitude of detail about a place within one canvas. As she does with her Eucalyptus trees representing the magnitude of species. Nicola Kinloch's Grey-headed Flying Foxes in Melbourne presents a remarkable story of displacement and relocation. Curious to investigate the animal listed as threatened nationally, her aspiration was to document distinct individual personalities, she anthropomorphised them in an attempt to encourage people to further investigate these unique animals. These themes are explored through the work by altering the time of day and inverting the perspective in which these animals are typically viewed. Nadine Dudek's work in the painting goes to capturing an intensity in the face to draw the viewers eye. The pose of the bird helps convey a regal nature and Burnt Sienna watercolour perfectly captures the warmth of the plumage. These three artists unlike the other collection have more identifiable subjects though presented in an unconventional manner. Reception Option Natalya Stone's abstract aerial photographs were taken from a light aircraft flying over Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda, South Australia. From the air the earth presents wonderful patterns and has painted her own artworks. This image is from my series "Intoxication" - a response to her feelings and adrenalin provided by aerial photography. Looking down on the forest, Gregory Matthew's painting shows the trees which are being buffeted by the strong wind, leaves are widely dispersed in the gusts. The circled areas of my painting depict the trees and forest floor, while the landscape is depicted by the curving bands of coloured dots. Nadine Dudek watercolours are created with subtle shadows casted by strong curves bringing the subject to life with the inclusion of warm yellows giving a sun-kissed feel. The texture of the surface allows dry brush strokes to further convey a feeling of light.

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