The best events are those that linger in the memory long after your guests have gone home

ColourSpace works with our network of talented artists to help you create a unique and artistic experience, one
that people can’t help but remember.

ColourSpace Live Art Weddings


It’s your special day. And more than that, you want to create an amazing experience for you and your guests. Let us help make your special day unique.

We don’t just bring decorations to your wedding, we focus on the experience you want to create, and then work with our artists to infuse artistic elements throughout your special day to make it one-of-a-kind.

Everything from artists live painting your special union through to digital artists creating an augmented reality experience that can transform your entire wedding, get in touch today!


The impact of art on workplace environments is well documented, but for many it is still a decoration that brings a splash of colour to a room.

Let us show you how you can leverage the power of art to enhance your culture, boost productive, foster creativity and innovation, and create a mindful environment.

Visual and aural meditation sessions, art therapy, fun and artistic team building activities, and executive training sessions that focus on the power of creativity, our artists take art beyond the abstract and into the realm of application and productivity.

Events and Functions


Great events do not lack in interaction or creativity; which is why we want to help you infuse it with art.

Pop up galleries, art and wine degustation, live art shows, performance art, digital exhibitions, art auctions – ColourSpace is the artistic hub for anything that brings a unique angle to your events.

As with art, there does not need to be any limits to our imagination. So drop us a message today and let’s talk.

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