Alia Timmins

Artist bio

Alia Josephine is an exciting emerging artist with a practice predominantly based in Sydney, Australia.
Her work explores experimental themes across music and visual arts, drawing from professional
experience in health and physical science. Josephine’s work is trademarked by vibrant, vivacious portraits
and self-portraits which utilise colour to juxtapose darker themes of vulnerability and shame, exploring
the self, pushing boundaries of portraiture and often exaggerating the sensitive character of her subjects.
The young artist draws inspiration from university study of a Bachelors of Medicinal Chemistry at the
University of Technology Sydney, as well as professional experience as a disability support worker and
tutor, and a month spent shadowing and living in Jeevodaya Social and Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre in India, ultimately holding positions that include curating in health waiting room spaces and advising on the integration of arts into health spaces.

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