Gayle Sachs

Artist bio

I'm a South African born, Melbourne based professional artist using oil and mixed media on canvas for my abstract paintings.
My interest began as simple enjoyment, followed by tertiary studies of fine art at the University of Cape Town, apprenticeship with South African painter, Michael Pettit, and studies in Manhattan's Art Students' League with abstract expressionist Rudolph Baranik.
Working has become a meditation into expressing that which is unseen, unspoken, unheard - bridging the space between language and lived experience.
Ambiguities in perspective and fore/background dispel absolute interpretations, allowing for a non linear fluidity of meaning and allusion toward ever further paths of interpretation.
In the last two years I've started using materials that relate to ideas of identity and self-protection; innately difficult to pin down to canvas, the additional material creates an inherent surface tension to accentuate the complexity in articulating truth.

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