Milos Pelikan

Artist bio

I have two key interests that come together in my work. I combine and explore notions of identity and the recycling of ideas and cultural norms in the digital age. The works inhabit the tension between the positive effects of identity (the sense of community) and the negative (the culture of “me” and the tyranny of conformity) and invites reflection on the binding and corrosive effects of this intrinsically human concern the modern society.

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

You can do it too! Some people can take creativity to a level but really we all have it in us. It's a lot about letting go. As to what it means, it just means expressing yourself and engagening in a conversation with others.

The thing I want to love to achieve artistically ten years from now is...

I'd like to have established myself in Melbourne, and across perhaps Sydney and Brisbane, gallery scene but mote importantly I'd like to have established strong contacts the commercial sector (anf gigs like ColourSpace) to get my work into everyday spaces

What is the most unusual media or material you have used in an artwork? Why did you use it?

Most of what I use is either recycled objects or material from a hardware store so unusual would be something from an art store like oil paint or what-not - no idea what to do with that stuff but would probably give it a go.

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