Mirabela Varga

Artist bio

Mirabela Varga is a contemporary impressionist who specializes in palette knife fine art and is currently working from her studio in Ocean Shores, Australia. Her subjects range from iconic scenery, laneways, and cityscapes, to popular coastal views and stunning abstract pieces.

Mirabela's background and academic studies in business, tourism, acting and healing therapies have all been contributing factors in her development as a deeply inspired palette knife artist who creates vibrant art, bold in color, rich in texture and deep in content.

Mirabela's discipline into palette knife art began when she met her mentor Saadi Al Murayati in September 2009, who she continued to train with for a duration of four months before being guided to launch her own business selling her much sought after paintings.

Mama Studio was created in March 2010 as a dedication to her mother who she enthuses 'taught me to see the world through the eyes of my heart'. Her mother, Olivia Varga, had passed away at the beginning of the year that Mirabela's training as a palette knife artist began. Mirabela understood that this was a gift from her mother, beyond time and space, as a thank-you for being her carer for the last 14 months of her life. Having recently become a mother herself in 2013, she can now truly understand how important it is to nurture imagination and encourage creativity in everyday life. "Today and every day, I thank my beautiful partner, Matty, who is a dedicated father to our son, for his consistent loving support and devotion to living an inspired life together".

Mirabela's philosophy is that art should be accessible to everyone and believes that having a painting on your wall is akin to a symbol of healing through creativity. "In giving we receive - the more you give, the more you have" is another reason why she continuously returns to the easel. After six years 'Mama Studio' has evolved into 'Mirabela Gallery', a roving art studio travelling around Australia with an online gallery for all her collectors to touch base and feel apart of the adventure.

Mirabela shares that her inspirations and creativity come from her daily experiences but mostly from the mysterious. Her surroundings are her biggest inspirations. Painting is her gift to this world and shares "it gives me the opportunity to collaborate with so many wonderful people in the name of art to bring joy, wonder and excitement to each other's lives for having met and joined for a brief period in time, if not for a lifetime."

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