Yagna Lad

Artist bio

I am a freelance artist living in Sydney. I moved to Australia in 2010. My work has strong reflections of culture and traditions from India, a place where I was born.

Study Art and culture. I have studied and achieved the following: Diploma in Applied Art B A Mehta Kala Mahavidyalaya Gujarat (5 years) in 2005. Diploma in Art of Animation - ZICA Mumbai (3 years) in 2008. Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Sydney in 2013.

Art and expression had always been an integral part of my life and this has enriched me both as an individual and as an artist. I paint because I find my heart and soul in it. My work is inspired by beautiful nature and life. All my figurative works have strong reflections of relation and traditions culture. I like exploring different techniques and mediums.

I Predominantly working in acrylic but also with extensive experience in digital art and animation, bold colors and powerful compositions come together to produce st

I create art because...

It is my joy, I am supposed to create, That simple

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