"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

-Andy Warhol


We’ve all worked in an office, stayed at a hotel, lived in an apartment where an unloved, dusty artwork greets you on arrival. You probably can’t remember how it made you feel, the artist who created it (or company who mass produced it) or know what inspired that piece of art. However, you do vaguely remember is was there. And it probably still is.

ColourSpace was inspired by Founder Scott Ko, who craved to see some new artwork on the walls of his office. So, he decided to change them.


We believe art is an agent of social change, that enhances creativity, innovation, and conversation in workplaces.

Art is about feeling and experiencing rather than a definitive knowing. We believe that art is therapy and that engaging with art each day can improve our wellbeing. We want to usher in a new age of art appreciation, where we help everyone – not just art lovers – be able to engage with and appreciate artwork in their own way.

ColourSpace is on a mission to improve opportunities for communities to engage with art everywhere; at work, during events, and for artists to have an audience.



Founder and Director

A former management consultant and Innovation Executive, Scott was struck by how little engagement there was with art in many corporate environments; for many, art simply merged into the background.

He saw an opportunity to revitalise offices with art, to show people the benefits that art can bring, and make a positive social impact by supporting local, emerging artists.

sarah cummins

Executive Curator

A passionate art lover, educator, and artist, Sarah achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art School in 2004. She’s exhibited in commercial and artist run galleries in Sydney and Melbourne, and curated student and emerging artist exhibitions. Sarah wants to help people confidently engage with art, while celebrating the work of local artists and providing opportunities to nurture their careers.


Clara joyce

Account Executive

Clara is a practising artist who is studying fine arts at VCA. She is enthusiastically involved in the local arts scene and has passion for promoting emerging artists.

Clara is driven to connect the a wider public to local artists with the goal of creating well-being for all involved.


AMBER Gibson

Marketing & SM

Amber’s shares the Colourspace story. She endeavours to provide a platform for local artists to be heard, and to support the wellbeing of broader communities through art. With her fingers in many pots (Marketing, Writing, Health Promotion), Amber’s driven to create opportunities for people to connect with, benefit from and access all forms of art.

ColourSpace Doita Datta

DOITA datta

UX and Art Experiences

Doita’s here to spread the love for art and bridge the engagement gap. Doita believes in the power and humanity of art and how it can engage and inspire people from all walks of life. She is passionate about drawing people together to discover art that resonates with them and celebrates local artists by providing them with new opportunities to nurture their careers.

Nicolle Cheung

Nicolle Cheung

Art Liaison

Nicolle is a self taught artist and photographer; she believes there is beauty in emotions that words can’t suffice – but can be better conveyed through art. She has been in a handful of charity art auctions, and loves that art has the ability to bring the community together, to help the less fortunate. She hopes one day that art can unite people to connect in understanding.

If you are an artist, art lover, or professional interested in contributing to our vision, get in touch!

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