Introducing new exhibitors: Alumina

08 November 2019
Art on Display

Alumina is on board our mission to support local artists, build creativity in the workplace and give back to communities in need.

We are happy to welcome Alumina to ColourSpace’s network of businesses committed to curating richer working environments and to accessing the benefits of art, at work.

Take a scroll down to check out their first collection of many.

Lazy Raine

Lazy Raine believes that the beauty of her work comes from the imagination of the person looking at it; it’s really about your story for your home and what feelings you evoke from it. This piece was created using her hands and fingers, imparting its raw, emotive energy.

Oil on Canvas

Geoff Cunningham

Running Repairs
Hand-cut stencil, aerosol and acrylic on canvas

‘Running Repairs’ speaks of distant childhood memories, when imagination was was sometimes all we had. Children today can experience a very different upbringing where everything is provided for them and they rarely go outside to play.

Drama Queens
Hand-cut stencil, aerosol and acrylic on canvas

This painting is a combination of Geoff’s love of architecture and Australian birds, whilst showing how nature has to adapt to our ever-increasing urban environment.

Rose Giardina

Rose Giardina applies layer upon layer of paint to her canvas’ and often connects all of her paintings through the continued use of leftover paint and her use of paint in this way links artworks like the lineage of a family - all are unique, yet related and connected.

Acrylic on canvas

Myra Carter

Acrylic on Canvas

Myra Carter: “If Celebration could talk it would say that it wanted to celebrate you, uplift your spirit and fill you with gratitude and happiness.”

City of Lights
Acrylic on canvas

Myra Carter typically loves using bright colors and various textures in her work, and is always excited to discover the path that a painting will take as she explores the synergy of the two.

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