We are humbled to welcome ThinkMarkets to ColourSpace’s diverse network of exhibitors, especially in the challenging environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s inspiring to see the leadership of ThinkMarkets investing in initiatives that make the workplace better for when people inevitable return to the office, whilst also supporting local artists too. Thank you!

Check below for the amazing artworks on display from artists who’ve recently joined ColourSpace.

Alexandra Calamel

ColourSpace   ThinkMarkets   Alexandra Calamel   Tsunami on the Sun   Sarah Jordan   Daylight   Candyland

Tsunami on the Sun
Original acrylic painting, dots, and glass
On the left

“Tsunami on the sun is the first-ever piece of Dot work and mixed medium I ever did. This piece came about after back from the Tsunami and was unable to do everyday things. This piece of work is the Tsunami on the Sun that affected the DNA of every living thing on the Planet. As empathy and visionary, I painted this piece before Nasa brought out information about the Tsunami and radiation. The Sun effects were causing a chain reaction from high hot winds and radiation levels been higher than normally what we are used to on the Planet. Limited edition prints available.”

Sarah McIntosh

ColourSpace   ThinkMarkets   Sarah Jordan   Daylight   Candyland (2)

From left to right

Daylight - “As the morning sun hits the earth, a spectacle of colours emerge into daylight. This artwork represents the emerging colours from night into day.”
Candyland - ”This beautiful and dreamy painting showcases pops of colour to brighten any space. It brings a happy sense of nostalgia from the days of being young children and enjoying candy and lollies. What joy!”

Baluk Arts - Jadah Pleiter

ColourSpace   ThinkMarkets   Baluk Art (Jadah Pleiter)   Tracks and Traces 2

Tracks and Traces (Jadah Pleiter)
Acrylic on Canvas

“We all leave a mark on the land. Even in ugliness, there is beauty.”

Baluk Arts is an urban Aboriginal community arts centre making waves in the art world. Based in Mornington, Victoria. Baluk supports artistic, career and audience development for visual artists of the Bayside, Peninsula and greater Melbourne.

Please feel free to book in your free on-site consultation to talk about how we can bring local art into your space. Beyond our art rental, we also facilitate the sale and commission of artworks, creative team-building events, and pop-up art exhibitions. Contact us today on [email protected] or on 0433 403 044.