We are incredibly excited to welcome the Melbourne Veterinary School, a faculty of the University of Melbourne, to ColourSpace’s rapidly growing network of organisations that are embracing local art in their space. We’re displaying 7 pieces that showcase contemporary landscapes, themes, and animals in the surrounds of the Head of School.

Scroll down and check out the amazing artworks on display from our local artists.

Myra Carter


A Song of Joy
Acrylic on Canvas

If A Song of Joy wasn’t a piece of art, it would, naturally, be a song; a song so joyful it would make you stop and look at who was singing it. It is that pause that Carter finds interesting. That important moment that makes you lift your head up from your every day tasks and responsibilities and pay attention to something intrinsically beautiful.

Mirabela Varga


Acrylic on Canvas

Mirabela Varga: “Your only work is to love yourself and embody this truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those who surround you.”


Centre Place, Melbourne
Acrylic on Canvas

Created over the evolutionary time period of one year, pleased to say it showed her what it wanted to become and one day it revealed itself as one of Melbourne’s most energetic hotspots and places of interest. Like its creative process, this painting is full of mystery, depth and a sense of richness that goes beyond time and space.

Tiffany Blaise


Oil paint, ink and wax on canvas

The process of creating this painting was a chance for Tiffany Blaise to be bold and experiment, to combine different ingredients and see how they play out. It’s full of contrasts, layers, and gesture. Through Blaise’s artistic journey, she found that it’s when you let your guard down and stop resisting your intuition that the magic happens.

Nadine Dudek

Standing In Wait | Watercolour on paper | $1,100
Jabiru | Watercolour on paper | $950
Nankeen Kestrel | Watercolour on paper | $750

Standing In Wait - Flamingos are a delight to paint. Subtle shadows cast by the strong curves bring the subject to life with the inclusion of warm yellows giving a sun-kissed feel.

- The Black-necked stork often referred to as a Jabiru, is the only stork in Australia. Despite its name, the long neck of the bird is covered with beautiful glossy purple and green feathers that are wonderfully captured with phthalo turquoise, quinacridone violet and indigo pigments. When lifting highlights with a damp brush the staining quality of the pigments leaves behind an iridescent sheen.

Nankeen Kestrell
- Most of the work in the painting goes to capturing an intensity in the face to draw the viewers eye. The pose of the bird helps convey a regal nature and Burnt Sienna watercolour perfectly captures the warmth of the plumage.

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