Myra Carter

“Every time I make a piece of art, I like to think and I am definite on this. I see it as putting a piece of me out into the world but more important a piece of joy or a piece of tranquility.”

John Petrie

“I just want everyone to embrace colour and go on a journey. There’s no rules about it. You just have to be yourself.”

Peta Tranquille

“Realizing that mapping was what defined me, it waked me up and made me realize that all the maps that I’ve been looking at for all these years was actually artwork and I’d actually been doing artwork but just in a different form so for me now I’m still a cartographer, it’s just that I’m not using my drafting pens anymore, I’m using paint.”  

Wendy Grace

“What I hope that viewers say when they look at my work is an opportunity to connect with their own imagination. To use my work as a platform to reflect on what’s happening in their life and maybe to find a space where they can dream.”

Mirabela Varga

Rose Giardina

“My hands have to be happy. My ears have to be happy. My nose has to be happy so I have beautiful oils burning, beautiful music going, so I can move with the paint and actually dance when I paint.”

Hsin Lin

“Never be ashamed of who you are. The reason why I said that because at the very beginning I use an alias to sign my painting because I didn’t want people to find out that was me. One day, I got this advice from my mentor, “Do not be afraid to use your own name because you are the only person who have this name in the world. There’s no one else can be you, only you can be you”“

Monika Feuerstein

“I guess life has a purpose and I was meant to be an artist to express myself in tell stories and especially about music. A large part of my life is in music. I just feel something I can’t express otherwise so I have to express it visually.”

Kathy Best

“The more you paint the better you get. The more you do it the better you get it and even if you don’t know what you’re going to paint or do just come to the studio and do something.”

Meghan Oare

“It’s the first time that I was completely overwhelmed by a piece and started crying, and I came back from my studies in Germany and my complete process and execution application of paint on the canvas has changed, absolutely changed.”

Alexandra Calamel

“The artwork that came to mind in regards to the wood and in regards to the tree, it was telling a story about itself, it was telling the story about what tree’s all about so the bark said “Take me. Make something of me and show to the world and tell the story”.”

“Even though people don’t know what dots is all about, there is a movement within dots. It will tell a story and sometimes people will just sit there or stand there and just look patiently that in itself is going within”.